End of Month View for August

Rather late I’m afraid, but I did take the photos and want to keep up the continuity of this post.

Here is the usual view at the end of July

The Romantic border in July

The Romantic border in July

And this is what it looked like at the end of August

Romantic border at the end of August

Romantic border at the end of August

You can see the Lobelia bedding plants have really filled out. The pink Astilbe has been replaced by an equally pink Siddalcea ‘Elsie Heugh’. This looked very sickly last year, but I moved it to this position and it has really done well. I think it is less crowded where it is now.   The Fuchsia ‘Snowcap’, on the right, is really looking good at the moment  and the Aster ‘Jenny’ just behind it is about to burst into hundreds of blooms.

Looking to the right:

Looking right

Looking right

Here you can see the dwarf Buddleia is out, but not yet attracting any butterflies I am sorry to say. The red Crocosmia and orange Montbretia always look lovely, but they can both spread rather too much so I should dig them out and thin the corms this year. At the back of this border you may be able to see the Echinops which is just coming into flower.



Looking left from the romantic border:

Looking left

Looking left

The blue and silver combination that I copied from a garden off Stavanger really worked well, although it was a much smaller area in my garden.  The red Salvia ‘Royal Bumble’ has been flowering well all summer. I have taken some cuttings just in case it doesn’t make it though the winter.

Looking further left:

Even further left

Even further left

The Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’ just gets better every year. This is a magnificent plant and one I would highly recommend. It disappears over winter and comes up in spring. As you can see it is a mass of yellow flowers that came out at the end of July and are still going strong. It is short enough that it doesn’t need staking either.

Talking of stakes, the sticks you can see above are mostly holding up single sunflowers. This is a variety called ‘Claret’. It is the first time I have grown sunflowers and I think it will be the last.  They are really quite a handful as they grow so quickly and I had to replace the stakes at least twice. Although I pinched out the tip, they still didn’t produce any side shoots which might have kept the height down a bit.  The flowers that were actually claret colour were a bit lost but some of them were much more yellow and looked better. I think if they had been shorter and grouped closer together they would have made more impact.

Sunflower 'Claret'

Sunflower ‘Claret’

A more yellow sunflower that is supposed to be 'Claret'

A more yellow sunflower that is supposed to be ‘Claret’

Even further right at the top of the border:

Top of border

Top of border

Geranium ‘Rozanne’ continues to excel and makes a real splash of blue amongst all the oranges in this part of the border.

The garden has lasted well this month and there are still a few things still to come out.

Many thanks to Helen at the Patient Gardener for hosting this meme. Why not pop over to see some more End of Month Views?

12 thoughts on “End of Month View for August

    • Thank you and you are very welcome.
      I have got the names of lots of great plants through blogging. The problem is my wish list is now too long for the spaces I have in my garden!! Oh well I am sure to kill some things off eventually.

    • Thank you. The darker sunflower looked better in the photo than it did in the garden. It got a bit lost as it was so dark. It really needed more blooms together to make an impact. Still it was interesting to grow.

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