The most useful and versatile of all my garden plants. I have lots of varieties throughout the garden though I am not sure what they are all called….if I have named any incorrectly please do let me know or if you know any that I don’t have a name for.
More photos and details to follow…

Geranium Ballerina (from plant sale?)

I grew this tiny geranium in a small pot originally but in Autumn 2013  after a rockery clear out I had room to move it to a more permanent position. I wait to see whether it flourishes any better.


Geranium Macrorrhyzum Ingwersens (Purchased May 2013 from plant sale)

This is supposed to be good ground cover for dry shade so trying it at top of garden under trees…..


Geranium Macrorrhyzum ‘Snow Sprite’ (Purchased May 2013 from plant sale)

 Geranium Psilostemon

This is one of the first plants I had in the garden. I have no idea where it came from! It is a wonderful bright puce colour. It can be messy and needs early staking or it will flop everywhere.


  • Divide in Autumn or Spring
  • Stake in Spring
  • Cut back to ground in Autumn


Geranium Phaeum (purchased Autumn 2012 from plant sale)

Fairly compact geranium with lovely black spotted leaves and dark flowers.


Geranium Renardii (purchased May 2013 plant sale)

This should grow in poor soil so have tried it under the trees at the top of the garden.
Lovely soft looking leaves…..


Geranium Rozanne (Purchased:Spring 2013)

Rozanne flower

This was the star of the show in 2013, though it did try to take over a whole herbaceous border!  I have now split it into several plants and moved it to places where it can romp more freely. I await to see if I get such a good display in 2014. The bees loved it too.

Rosanne and another

Rosanne in June – looks quite well behaved

Late July

Late July

rozanne full size Aug

In August – getting a bit big for its boots now!

Care:  Little care needed apart from care where you plant it! Divide in Autumn or spring.
RHS pages





2 thoughts on “Geraniums

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. Geraniums are so useful in the garden and Rosanne really excelled itself the first year I planted it. I moved it to a place where it wouldn’t cover the lawn and it didn’t do so well the second year, but maybe next year it will do well again. Here’s hoping.

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