What needs to be done in my garden?

January can be a very cold month in Aberdeen, often with snow.

It is amazing how many leaves and nut shells are still littering the garden even though you thought you had picked most of them up already!

It is really important now to clear the borders of leaves as new shoots and bulbs are already starting to emerge.

On a mild day there are plenty of weeds to pull out.   You feel you are getting a head start by getting going early before they really take off.
The rockery is a good place to start  while many of the plants have died down.  Lift rocks if possible to get those grass roots that always find their way to impossible places.

Finish cutting back any dead foliage from herbaceous and rockery plants to clear the way for new growth.  (e.g. gentian in rockery needed a good clipping as new shoots are emerging under the soggy mess of last year’s growth).

What is good in the garden?

There are signs of new growth everywhere:

24th January 2014

  • Snowdrops are out under the rhododendrons
  • The Monkshood is just emerging.
  • The honeysuckles and clematis have new growth (hope it is not too early?)
  • The first Anemone Blanda are pushing up at the edge if the herbaceous border.
    Anemone blanda emerging

    Anemone blanda emerging late January


  • The Euphorbia Griffithii near the garage has sprouted under a blanket of leaves.
euphorbium emerging small

Euphorbia emerging late January

  • Tulip and Narcissus bulbs are well up.

Look out for the lovely silhouettes of the copper beech in the early morning light (that is when it isn’t raining).

Copper beech in the early morning light

Copper beech in the early morning light

Enjoy the birds that are feeding on the cherry tree feeders:  blackbirds, robins, coal tits, blue tits, chaffinches and if you are lucky some goldfinches who come for the niger seeds.


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