Blogs I like

Here is a list of great blogs I have discovered:


Scottish Gardening Blogs

  • Angie’s Garden Diaries
    Looking for plants that will do well in Scotland? Try visiting Angie’s  site about her beautiful Edinburgh garden.
  • The Croft Garden
    Christine and her husband moved to South Uist in the Outer Hebrides, set up home and created a garden. This blog is a great mix of gardening, cookery and poetry.
  • Edinburgh Garden Diary
    Join Joanna as she starts a garden in Edinburgh from scratch together with her other half, The Brazilian. Joanna has enough grit and wit to make both her garden and her blog really successful.
  • Island Threads
    Frances also beats the elements to grow beautiful flowers and  vegetables off the North West Coast of Scotland.
  • Of Plums and Pignuts
    Forest Gardening: Alan has a wealth of information about edible wild plants.
  • Profile of Plants growing in our Aberdeen and Cheshire Gardens
    Although Alistair and Myra have relocated to Cheshire there is a lot of information on this site and many beautiful photographs of their Scottish garden.

Other UK Gardening Bloggs

  • The Anxious Gardener
    Dry humour and horticultural tips as David manages a large garden in East Sussex
  • The Blooming Garden
    Chloris shows us her beautiful Suffolk garden and shares her huge knowledge of all things horticultural.
  • Duver Diary
    Jenny has a lovely garden on The Isle of Wight and often writes about other beautiful gardens she visits.
  • Out of My Shed
    Naomi, a professional gardener, writer and photographer shows how you can garden in the middle of  London.
  • The Patient Gardener
    Helen from Malvern, Worcestershire, hosts the End of Month View. This is well worth joining to keep a memorable record of your garden.
  • Profile of Plants growing in our Aberdeen and Cheshire Gardens
    Alistair is now adding his Cheshire garden to this useful blog.
  • Rambling in the Garden
    Cathy rambles in her garden in the West Midlands and shows us a huge variety of plants.
  • Rusty Duck
    Jessica describes, often with very humorous tales, how she and husband Mike are trying to tame a bit of country in the South West of England. The photos are pretty special too.
  • Up the Garden Path
    Visit Pauline’s wonderful garden in Devon to see just what can be achieved in heavy clay soil.

Non UK Gardening Bloggs

  • Creating My Own Garden of the Hesperides
    Follow Christina as she creates  and tends her beautiful garden in Italy, full of plants and grasses that can survive without too much water.
    Christina also hosts the Garden Bloggers Foliage Day.
  • Frog Pond Farm
    See how Julie and Andrew do all things horticultural on the west coast of New Zealand. Great photos and a lovely chatty blog.
  • Railway Parade House and Garden
    Matt says he is a gardener and frustrated architect trying to carve out his own piece of paradise near Sydney, NSW.  Have a look at this blog for great photos, stories and gardening knowledge.
  • Patrick’s Garden
    From Australia to Kansas State, Patrick has a varied experience of gardening and shows us just how much it is possible to achieve as a quadriplegic gardener.
  • Sarah the Gardener
    This is the blog to read when you want to think about summer in the middle of winter! Sarah, a published garden author living in New Zealand, moved from the city to follow the Good Life.  A bright, vivacious blog.


  • Cee’s Photography
    This is the place to visit for a photography challenge!  Cee manages to host at least four different ones so join in, improve your photography, and have some fun!
  • Jeff Sinon Photography
    Jeff is a nature, landscape, and wildlife photographer living in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  Follow this blog to view some wonderful photography and learn a lot too.
  • LeavesNBloom
    Rosie gardens in the heart of Scotland and takes the most dreamy, magical photographs of the nature and wildlife around her.
  • Love Your Lens
    Lots of great photography tips and ideas from Jane in Cheshire. If you are lucky enough to live nearby there are some good courses too.
  • North West Frame of Mind
    A great variety of  photos from around Seattle in the Pacific North West. Well worth a look.
  • Suzy Blue
    Suzy takes the most amazing nature photographs, many of them macro, and writes lovely poems too.
  • Travels and Trifles
    Tina Schell is a published photographer who loves nature and travel.  Tina takes wonderful photographs and complements them so well with quotes about life making her posts a really special experience.


  • Japan(Can)Mix
    Hilary is a travel loving Canadian Mum who is married to Hitoshi from Japan. This blog contains a lot of great stories about life in Japan, and a lot of other things too.  This cafe is well worth dropping into.
  • Spugwash
    Steve offers us ‘comments, photo’s, daily life, thoughts and opinions’ and some pretty amazing bird photos too.
  • Uncle Spike’s Adventures
    “Images, anecdotes and observations on life: The Multipolar World of Uncle Spike”  And he does great “Guess What” puzzles too!

2 thoughts on “Blogs I like

  1. Hello Annette. How’s it going with 201? Have you seen the last couple of assignments? Not seen any comments from you in the conversation recently so I thought I’d approach you via your blog. Hope that’s OK with you. I wondered if you would like to write a guest post for my blog sometime? Gillian

    • Hi Gillian,
      To be honest I got a bit behind with the assignments – I hope to do more of them but in my own time. At least I now have some ideas how to improve my blog.
      I am really pleased you thought of me to do a guest blog. I am just not sure when I would be able do it as I have already promised someone else that I will do one on Scotland. I also have a few blogs of my own to write on a recent holiday to Thailand. Do you have any ideas of a subject that you would like me to write about?
      I am thinking that I will do this course again after the summer, once there is less to do outside. I have really enjoyed the contact with other bloggers and the wonderful response to any posts.
      How are you getting on with the course? By the way I am happy for you to email me on if you want to chase me up for the guest post.

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