Looking Good in the Garden: Ferns

Happy to join in the new meme run by Gillian of Country Garden UK.

I was worried at first that I wouldn’t be able to find a plant every week, especially as most things are going over now, but actually the scope is quite wide; you can include anything that is looking good – it doesn’t have to be a plant and it doesn’t have to be from your own garden.

In fact I had trouble selecting something this week as there is quite a lot I am happy with.

However, my choice today is my garden ferns. I realised how wonderful these plants were when we created a Japanese garden. I placed this fern, a Dryopteris erythrosa (Japanese Shield Fern)  in the smallest bit of soil in the gravel and look what has happened. This is a couple of years on and no feeding either. The rock behind was supposed to represent a mountain, but the fern grew rather too big and dwarfed it!

Japanese Sheild Fern - Dryopteris erythrosa

Japanese Sheild Fern – Dryopteris erythrosa


The colours of the new fronds are beautiful.

Japanese Shield Fern fronds

Japanese Shield Fern fronds


Other ferns I enjoy in my garden are:

Polystichum tsussimense

Dwarf Holly Fern – Polystichum tsussimense


Holly Fern - Cyrtomium falcatum

Holly Fern – Cyrtomium falcatum


If you don’t have any ferns in your garden then you should really consider it. They are easy to grow and many will grow in that dark corner where nothing else does well.

I have been thinking about building a stumpery under our big Copper Beech tree – that will give me an excuse to buy even more ferns.






16 thoughts on “Looking Good in the Garden: Ferns

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  2. Ferns are a favourite of mine too and as you say, there are so many wonderful varieties. Your photos of them are superb, they are looking very happy, you obviously have the right conditions for them!

    • I hope so too. I have one little fern which I think it just our native variety that is hanging on in a very dry place right under a sycamore. I won’t say it is doing well, but it is alive and I am hoping it will get established with time.

    • That is a good idea. I could grow ferns in pots even where the soil is bad. Do you have any favourites? Not sure whether the stumpery will ever happen, but a person can dream. It shouldn’t be too difficult so long as I can get hold of some interesting stumps.

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