What’s looking good in the garden: Gentian

Gentiana sino-ornata

Gentiana sino-ornata

I love this autumn plant, flowering reliably in my sandy, sunny rockery. It spreads too, but not invasively, and then quietly disappears until next year’s magnificence.

Thanks to Gillian of Country Garden UK for hosting this weekly meme



33 thoughts on “What’s looking good in the garden: Gentian

  1. that is such a beautiful blue, you are so lucky to have the conditions that they like, I would love to have them here, but they don’t like my soil and I don’t want to kill any more!

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    • Well worth growing given the right conditions. I haven’t had any trouble with it. I think it disappears totally in the winter too so need to worry about frost damage.

  3. what a color, and what details on those individual blooms. Very cool but I don’t even think I’ll try and add this one to my garden. I don’t think it would even make it two weeks before going belly up!

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